Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Les Ellisylphides - A message from the mythological spirit of the air.

By overlapping brain maps of emotional contents from different time interpretations we encounter an image of our timeless origin and we witness a multidimentional construct of signals which, through sensoriality of mind, leeds us to an improoved comprehention of our presence through the syntony of times. (Projections of brain maps of the same song from 4 performances in Madrid, Barcelona Ljubljana and Trieste)

Les Ellisylphides - Musical theme: Dram One from Let Sfinge

Friday, August 19, 2016

Let Sfinge - (The Flight of the Sphinx)  Soundtrack now on Sound Cloud. 

Mythocons project by INTIMATE NOTIONS' DREAM
Cerebral projections: Antonio Giacomin

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Como quieres adivinar,
si no sabes lo que ocurre
en el mar de los nombres del amor.

El amor es como agua sin corriente,
como aire sin aliento,
como fuego sin calor,
como tierra sin dolor.
Es amor, es amor, es amor.
Es el sol que lleva luz al intento,
al corazón despierto, sin temor.
El coraje del amor es cierto,
es como el viento que mueve el mundo
hacia el cielo abierto, alrededor del fundo
de la vía sin temblor.

En el amor, en verdad no hay tiempo,
no sirve ir corriendo
para hallar los rasgos en el amor,
que es acción, es la paz, es sangre
de las fuentes llenas de hambre
de vivir en todos los bailes
sin otro fin, que amar.
Tienes que cumplir tu nombre
y contar a todos los hombres
tu manera de danzar sobre el mar
y amar, amar, amar
a lo que encuentras dentro,
a los que miran siempre
en tus ojos con amor, con amor, con amor ...

Saturday, February 27, 2016

AmoreA - The White Sun Inside


When a white sun meets the vail of love on the horizon, all forces of peace join together and revive the seed that sprouts like a fresh song from ancient roots.  

Monday, July 13, 2015

ARIENAEL - Horizon Vision or Azur Wisdom

In times of an exceptional tenderness when the source of a bright determination and passionate commitment penetrates its core, the azur blue turns into a turquoise green. Gradually, it changes into a language of an understandable worth, into a transfer of feelings profoundly conscious about the integrity of being.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

LET SFINGE - The Sphinx has changed her view.
A new horizon brought new images of truth to her consciousness. The skull disclosed her mind to the sky of wisdom and pointed the direction of the transformed path. All the needed stars are now shining on the multilayered wings in front of her sight. Those wings are light reflections of all lived memories and all passed flights.
There are neither barriers nor stops to the sphinx' gliding between winds.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

ONI TON (That Tone)

Certainty of an image already build in its sovereign perfection represents the language of body through the language of thought, giving a tone of transforming vibration to the balance of all conflictual forces.

Linearity is just one of the ancient directions. The layering of repeated feelings on the palette of a pulsing skin creates a timeless visible and sensorial field of a cybernetic prototype and its cosmic identity in the act of union with the original force.

Here rules the absence of doubt. There is only love for the consciousness of the whole, ceaselessly now.
Sound reactive video done using the Loop Waveform Visualizer by ©felixturner